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Mp3Juices is Mp3 Downloader

This is our take on Mp3Juices, which is the very popular free mp3 search and download engine, website and webapp. The original and many copycats have been plagued with tons of advertising, popups, malware, making it next to impossible to use the app, let alone enjoy the download. You always thing about possible thread landing on your device. Fear no more. Simply type keywords and we will provide dozens of possible videos and songs that satisfy the query. Then you can select the ones you want to download as MP3 or convert to MP4 video file, and proceed download. You can also choose multiple sources that you wish to search for music, including YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitter, 4Shared, Internet Archive and so on.

If you have the video you're interested in on your mobile or desktop, you can also copy the URL of the video, then open Mp3 Juices and insert the URL into the white box, then click on search to convert it into an MP3. Press search, do not be confused, converter will kick in and start working on producing the MP3 file for you. Wait a bit, usually it's 15-20 seconds for a 5 minute video.

Our website is available for free without registration or software. Enjoy the site and have fun. This html has been generated on Monday, 17-Jun-2024 10:27:46 UTC.

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